Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Wedding Insurance Policy?

    The policy is a specialty insurance package with clearly defined sections that provide financial protection for certain types of potential losses resulting from your Wedding (e.g., postponement, theft of rings or presents, damage to dresses or wedding attire, and loss of deposits), during the period leading up to and including your wedding day.

  2. How do I purchase a Policy?

    The policy can be purchased by clicking on to or calling 0844 871 6184 (Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charges)

  3. How can the premiums be paid?

    Payment is accepted by Credit or Debit Card.

  4. What is the main difference between the various cover levels?

    2 Star is our basic cover with cancellation cover up to £5,000
    3 Star is our standard cover with cancellation cover up to £10,000
    4 Star is our superior cover with cancellation cover up to £25,000
    5 Star is our elite cover with cancellation cover up to £40,000

  5. Is there cover for rearrangement of our wedding in the policy?

    Yes As follows;
    2 Star Cover includes covers up to 75% of original Wedding Cost cover (Max £3,750)
    3 Star Cover includes covers up to 75% of original Wedding Cost cover (Max £7,500)
    4 Star Cover includes covers up to 75% of original Wedding Cost cover (Max £18,750)
    5 Star Cover includes covers up to 75% of original Wedding Cost cover (Max £30,000)

  6. What types of losses are covered are covered by the policy? Wedding Policy provides coverage for the following different categories and types of potential loss or damage:
    • Event Cancellation or Postponement
    • Extra Expense
    • Event Photographs
    • Special Attire
    • Special Gifts
    • Special Jewellery
    • Loss of Deposits
    • Marquee Cover (subject to additional premium)

  7. Will a Policy provide coverage if the weather forces us to postpone or relocate our wedding?

    Yes, our Wedding Reception Insurance provides coverage if the weather conditions are extreme enough to prevent the Bride and/or the Groom, their families, or the majority of their guests from attending the wedding or reception.

  8. If the Bride, Groom, or a close relative falls ill or has an accident before the wedding, will the policy provide coverage?

    Yes, our Wedding Insurance Policy will provide coverage if the wedding and/or reception is postponed due to an accident or illness that prevents the Bride, the Groom, or their Close Relatives from attending, provided any illness has not been given a terminal prognosis or is on a waiting list for in-patient treatment in a hospital or awaiting the results of tests and/or medical investigations. See Definition of Close Relative in the policy wording.

  9. What happens in the Bride or the Groom decides to change their mind before the wedding?

    The coverage provided under our Wedding Insurance Policy is triggered only by a fortuitous external event (such as a death of a close relative), and not one within your control or knowledge, such as a voluntary decision not to proceed due to a change of heart.

  10. How far in advance should I purchase my Policy for my wedding to be covered?

    You should purchase our wedding Insurance Policy as soon as you start to incur costs such as placing deposits with a venue, caterer, etc. However, a Blue Insurance Wedding Policy cannot be purchased later than 10 days before your wedding or earlier than 24 months prior to your wedding.

  11. Does my Policy cover weddings outside of the United Kingdom?

    Yes, our Wedding Insurance Policy does cover Weddings taking place abroad. Please note however that Personal Liability is excluded for Weddings taking place in the United States and Marquee cover is not applicable to Weddings abroad.

  12. Does my Policy provide any coverage for my honeymoon expenses?

    No, it is important that you have Honeymoon Travel Insurance when travelling abroad. Click here for a competitive quote for travel insurance.

  13. If we lose our wedding rings, are they covered?

    Yes, if your wedding rings are lost at any time during the 7 days preceding the wedding and 24 hours after, they are covered up to the applicable Sum Insured set forth on your specific Wedding Insurance Policy.

  14. Is my engagement ring covered by my Policy?

    No. Our wedding Insurance Policy provides coverage only for the wedding bands to be exchanged during the ceremony, not for an engagement ring. It is recommended that you insure your rings on your household policy.

  15. Does my Policy cover all wedding presents, including checks, gift certificates, etc.?

    Yes, wedding presents that are lost or damaged within 7 days before or 24 hours after your wedding (while in transit between your wedding and home or while entrusted to a third party) are covered up to the applicable Sum Insured set forth on your specific Policy (the maximum Single Item limit is £250 including pair or set).

  16. What happens if our photographer does not show up and a replacement is not available?

    A Policy will cover the cost of re-convening the wedding party on another day, for the purpose of taking new wedding photographs, up to the applicable Sum Insured set forth on your specific Policy.

  17. Are we covered if the photography is damaged or does not come out?

    Yes, a Policy provides coverage for the loss or damage to the original film or the negatives before the finished photographs are received, up to the applicable Sum Insured set forth on your specific Policy.

  18. What happens if the rented Wedding cars do not arrive on the morning of the wedding?

    Simply make alternative arrangements and keep a full record of the costs involved so you may file a claim once the wedding has been successfully completed.

  19. Am I covered if the Bride's wedding dress or the Groom's tuxedo is damaged before the wedding?

    Yes, a Policy provides coverage for wedding attire that is lost, stolen, or damaged before the wedding, except for loss or damage resulting from the attire left in any unattended vehicle or failure to report the loss to Gardai/Police.

  20. Does a Policy have an excess?

    Yes, there is a nominal £35.00 deductible for each covered section except the Marquee extension which is £100.00.

  21. Whom do I call if I have to make a claim?

    You should call our Claims Department on 0044 (0) 1733 224 845 or email: Our Claims Department must agree any costs in advanced for rearranged weddings.

  22. How long does it normally take to resolve a claim?

    If the paperwork and documentation are readily available, then a claim will be settled promptly.

  23. Does my Wedding Insuranceprovide Personal Liability cover?

    Personal Liability cover is provided in respect of the Bride and Groom only and will provide indemnity for Your legal liability arising from accidental injury to third parties or accidental loss of or damage to third party property.

    Additional extended Public Liability cover is available on our 3, 4 and 5 Star cover levels at additional premium to include cover for any persons invited to the Wedding or Wedding Reception by You.